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Xiao Qi has grown into a big girl

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凤祥平台报道,Before the little lovable, now has grown into a big girl, but still a bit of meat, little 7 long hair wearing long skirts, from the blink of an eye from the seven princess, grew into a big girl, this makes Internet users have said after the old shellfish still hold it? Some netizens think God has been the envy of injustice, some netizens said seven life may save the Milky Way, after her boyfriend is estimated to be very powerful, or his father, there are so many brother can not easily let him close to seven. But then again, it's been a while that I never saw the little seven in the arms and arms of my father and mother. It really shows that the small seven grew up.

In the recent hot search Street Photos, the seven princesses are all dressed up in a neat way. Baby fat also has the trend of early elimination. It's all a good gene. To say that this little girl who saved the Milky way in her lifetime said that she won't win at the starting line, it is clear that she was born "the finish line". It is the envy of the others. Since the small seven, each set of models can be well done and in line with the little girl's lovely witty, with the age of small nipples, you can easily let the single product sell out of goods, which many young children of the same age are dreaming of but can not get. Now, Xiao Qi begins to inject some cool and cool single products, such as Martin boots and the English pattern. It has always been loved by Xiao Qi and has always been the style of Xiao Qi dressing. Lovely small 7, has always been the attention of people.

  Xiao Qi

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